6 Mistakes That Casino Beginners Make Time And Time Again

6 Mistakes Of Casino Beginners

Have you ever been in an online casino? Did the hoped-for winnings come to nothing and you went home with empty pockets? That has also happened to us. But to make sure it doesn’t happen again, we’ve put together a list of six mistakes that casino beginners make time and time again. Do you find yourself here?

Mistake #1: Playing the wrong games

So often we see players go to the casino and promptly venture into the wrong games with their chips. There are good games and bad players in the casino. Good games are the ones where you have a high chance of winning, bad ones are the ones where the bank keeps the most money. Good games include blackjack and most variants of video poker. Bad games are most slots and roulette variants. Stick mainly to games with a low house edge. Then you have a much higher chance of winning.

Mistake #2: Playing without strategy

Playing without strategy

Recently, we sat at a blackjack table with an older player. He had a ten and a 7, so 17 points. The dealer showed a ten. Fearing that the dealer might do better than 17 points, the player drew another card. It was a 5 and so he had 22 points, overbought and lost his bet. The player made a clear mistake because the correct strategy is not to draw another card at 17 points in blackjack.

  Before sitting down at the tables in the casino, it is essential to look at the right strategy for the games. There are numerous sources on the internet for the right strategy in blackjack and other games. Check them out before you venture into money games!

Mistake #3: Playing in the wrong casino

One mistake that many players make online is that they just gamble away in any casino. Fatal! Because there is a large mass of casinos online and not all are equally good. In some there are good bonuses and fair games, in others, you get ripped off with hidden fees. 

Mistake #4: Giving too many tips

Back to the blackjack table from mistake #2. The older player next to us, whom we observed playing, not only had no strategy with him, but he also let the casino persuade him to tip generously. After he hit a blackjack, the casino wanted to keep a third of his winnings as a tip. “It’s our customers and for the employees,” he was told, and the older gambler wanted to be nice. So he handed over part of his winnings.

  Don’t make this mistake. Don’t give a portion back after every big win. If you made a good profit at the end of the night, you can leave a moderate amount as a tip, otherwise don’t. After all, you are in a casino, not a charity.

Mistake #5: Chasing Jackpots

Chasing Jackpots

Almost every casino offers slot machines with jackpots. Especially on the Internet, these machines can reach substantial sums of over 1,000,000 euros. Unfortunately, all jackpot machines have quite lousy payout ratios. For a pocketed euro you get back on average only 90 cents – that’s much less than in other games. The probability of hitting the jackpot is smaller than the probability of winning the jackpot in the lottery. Here you go home almost always without any significant profit and with losses.

Mistake #6: Playing in not reputable casino games

This mistake is probably the biggest mistake you can make as a gambler. We know players who occasionally go to these “arcades” that are located in residential areas or players who gamble on machines in pubs. On these machines, you have virtually no chance of winning at all. The machines pay out only a fraction of the stake in the long run and are designed only to drain the player’s pocket money. Those who play there are better off converting their money directly into drinks at the bar. You’ll get more out of it in the long run. Anyone who wants to gamble should always do so only in real casinos or good online casinos. There, the odds allow you to regularly go home with a profit.

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