Many use spring to really clean out and make room for something new. And also to find new motivation to enjoy BetAmo. Even if it is annoying at first, it gives us a liberated feeling. So why do not we do it in the fall, too? The feeling after you have done a huge sorting out you will feel relieved. You will have something major done and start a new phase of the year. And also making space for the upcoming holidays. 


So to keep an oversight here is a small list. You can work on it in just one weekend. It will be tough but worth it. Everyone needs a cleansing once in a while. And not only you as an individual but also your environment. Now you have the perfect chance to get rid of all that stuff that is just lying around in your apartment. You will have more space afterwards. And to be honest some of us just have too much stuff.

1. In the closet

Summer is over and we are mothballing the breezy clothes. You can use this directly to get rid of pieces you have not worn for the last three summers. And before you put away your fall-winter wardrobe, take a look through it and see if you can get rid of a sweater or two.

2. In the bathroom

Most people change their skin and hair care at this time of year to protect themselves from the cold and dryness. The right time to sort out travel sizes, in which only a small remainder sticks, sun creams, which one should use anyway only one year opened, and much more.

3. In the cellar

Swimming gear, inline skates and other outdoor accessories that will not be used in the fall and winter can be safely stored in the basement. To avoid unnecessary stuff piling up, clean it out thoroughly before putting it away.

4. In the garden

If you have a garden or even just a balcony with plants and are now converting to fall-winter operation, you can also go through everything once. Which flower pots, opened bags of soil or tools are perhaps no longer needed and can make room?

5. Your old lovers

Believe it or not. Even this you have to do sometimes. It can happen that your ex’s miss you and they will start contacting you again and again. However, you should not get back just because of boredom. Also if you still are in touch with them you are not ready to find someone special. Who makes you may be very happy. So better to get the emotional trash from the past out of your life. To be kind of reborn.

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