List Of The Main 10 Online Casino Mistakes

List Of The Main 10 Online Casino Mistakes

The majority of casino players consider themselves to be error-free. Those who start their gaming rounds on the World Wide Web usually think that they are armed against all eventualities. However, practice teaches us that this is by no means the case. There are sources of mistakes that almost always result in the complete loss of money. Indeed, you cannot always win. Nevertheless, the errors should be excluded from the outset, of course. We have compiled a list of 10 online casino mistakes. If you always keep this list in mind and check your behaviour from time to time, you will give yourself the best chance of becoming a casino winner shortly.

Mistake No. 1: Selecting a dubious online provider

You can make a serious mistake even before you start playing. If you register with a dubious online casino, you can throw your money to the wind. Even if you are constantly winning and your balance is growing, you will have a rude awakening when you apply for a payout. Therefore, always check the seriousness of the online casino in advance. But there is one mistake you should not make. Do not rely on the experience reports of other players. The opinions can be very far apart at this point. Quite a few users fall over their online casinos, just because they have made fat losses. Nevertheless, the gaming provider is reputable.

If you want to rule out the first mistake, take a closer look at the casino portal and answer the following questions:

  1. Is the online casino approved or licensed by a reputable regulatory body (Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao)?
  2. Which gambling company operates the gaming platform? Is it a well-known, perhaps even listed provider?
  3. Which software companies provide the gaming portfolio? Are the payout ratios (RTP values) verified by an independent auditing body?

Mistake No. 2: Enter untrue data

The second mistake in online casinos can almost be called a little “stupid”. Those who register with untrue, own information in an online casino, can still complete the registration quite effortlessly. Even a deposit is usually still possible without any problems.

But if you have then won, the end of the line is reached. You will not be able to withdraw the funds. Before any initial withdrawal, a reputable online casino will verify the player’s identity. They have to legitimize themselves, using appropriate documents. Exactly this information must necessarily match their registration data. If this is not the case – the casino operator can and rightly so – keep all deposited funds. They have no chance to get their capital back.

Mistake No. 3: Bonus not implemented according to the rules

Quite a few users fail with the casino bonus. According to our experience, there are even several sources of error when looking at the new customer offer. The first one is claiming a bonus without understanding how it works. You should know that bonuses are never free money. Even the winnings from a no-deposit bonus are not immediately withdrawable. No withdrawal will be released unless the player has made a minimum deposit in advance.

Mistake No. 4: Opened duplicate account

Opened duplicate account

It is generally forbidden to have multiple accounts in a virtual gambling house. Anyone who registers twice risks the deletion of both accounts. Online casinos always evaluate double registrations as attempted fraud. In this case, the gaming providers are also entitled to withhold existing funds.

According to our experience, however, double registration in the best casinos is a no-go. Only if you use a different email address or a new cell phone number, the double registration could work.

Active players who are registered in several portals may well unknowingly end up with an “old game provider” when looking for something new in practice. If you belong to a group of frequent players, make a small list. Make a note of the portals where you have already registered in the past.

Mistake No. 5: Started without knowledge of the game and rules

The fifth online casino mistake is often underestimated, especially by beginners. If you enter the game blindly and without any knowledge of the rules, you can hand over your money to the casino cashier and go home again. Those who do not understand the games will not be successful. Surely now some users will say – stop, rules I must know only with the classics at the tables, not at the slot machines. Far from it, the newer slot machines are now full of special features. It is not uncommon, for example, to be able to choose between several bonus features on slot machines, which a) can be used in different ways and b) lead to completely different win probabilities. Also very important is the gamble function, which can be used strategically on some slots.

Mistake No. 6: Too high betting amount chosen + patience lost

The road to success can be a bit nerve-racking now and then. You have the big profit in mind (already an additional mistake of your own), but the profits always come in small steps on a rather meagre level? If you lose patience at this point, things will go even further downhill for you. Increasing the betting amounts is probably the most glaring online casino mistake of all. Playing according to the motto “all or nothing” has never brought the desired success.

Mistake No. 7: Entered without bankroll management and loss limit

Another online casino mistake is the haphazard entry without bankroll determination and money management. Even before you start playing, you should think about exactly what amount of money you can spare privately and only deposit this amount with the gaming provider. Only those who act without pressure will a) have the desired gaming pleasure and b) eventually emerge in the desired profit fairway. Practical money management also means that you should precisely determine your betting scheme for the casino strategy. The game sums per round should be well below one per cent of your balance. Here, too, the wisdom applies that while the risk increases adrenaline in the short term, it is usually associated with hard-hitting losses.

Mistake No. 8: No special promotions are used

No special promotions are used

In their quest for success, the casinos sometimes help them out a bit. The top providers are always at the start with special promotions that temporarily allow them to play without risk, whether through deposit bonuses, free spins or cashback. Anyone who simply leaves the promos of online casinos unused is simply giving away money. Opportunities are there to be taken advantage of. We consider the rejection of no-deposit offers almost a little foolish. For all other promotions, the bonus conditions must of course be kept fair.

Mistake No. 9: Relying on safe game systems

Users who indulge in mathematical considerations when playing casino games will not get very far either. There are numerous so-called “safe casino strategies” on the Internet. The fact is – there is no single system that can guarantee them permanent profit, on the contrary. Every spin on the machines or every round at the tables starts from scratch, so to speak.

Mistake No. 10: Started the game unfocused + faded out own problems

Our last online casino mistake is also often underestimated. If you play, you should be fully concentrated. Distractions lead to gaming mistakes and thus to money losses. Always look for a quiet place and an undisturbed atmosphere for your gaming rounds, whether on your home PC or via the casino app.

Finally, you must recognize your gaming behaviour and check it at regular intervals. For example, you can use the self-tests on the websites of casino operators. If there are signs of initial gambling addiction symptoms, get out. It is the online casino mistake par excellence to be a driven user. If you underestimate gambling addiction, you’re a loser either way.

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