Real Insider Tips On The Way To Becoming A Successful Roulette Player

Becoming A Successful Roulette Player

Here you will learn which five mistakes you should avoid as a roulette beginner according to various roulette professionals to increase your chances of winning and enjoy this exciting game for a long time. These have been thoroughly reviewed by experts and are considered real insider tips on the way to becoming a successful roulette player.

Mistake 1: Being guided by feelings

When you go to the roulette table for the first time, it is important to remember that this is a game where discipline and, of course, luck are the most important factors. Only if you make rational decisions and don’t let your emotions guide you, you will manage to stop at the right moment and leave the table with a profit at the end of the day. This is an important tip that any professional gambler will tell you. Playing the same lucky numbers over and over again or holding on to a certain superstition are not the right tactics to succeed at roulette. Especially beginners tend to just listen to their gut feeling after a major loss and place even higher and more daring bets. In this way, however, the risk of a total loss is greatly increased and in this case, you will most likely regret having listened to your gut at the end of the game.

Mistake 2: Trying to make too big a profit

Trying to make too big a profit

Especially when you have your first winnings, you will notice that your desire for more increases and you become more and more willing to take risks when betting. However, please remember that your chances are the same in every round and it can happen very quickly that you lose the amount you just won. As a roulette player, you should therefore set your limit to which you stick and which you never lose sight of. This way you will prevent yourself from losing large sums of money. So be careful and always remember, especially after big wins or big losses, that inexperienced roulette players tend to bet especially large sums. Real roulette pros, on the other hand, take a step back and think about their next moves before they just bet blindly. So, act like a real roulette player and your bank account will thank you.

Mistake 3: Fake strategy from the Internet

Before your first visit to the roulette table, you might read up on probabilities on the Internet and most likely stumble upon one or another supposedly surefire strategy. Please be careful, because there is no such thing as a sure-fire strategy in gambling and if you blindly rely on it, you will end up with big losses. We will now present two of these strategies in more detail because they are particularly common and are touted as very safe on the Internet:

Boiler error or the software error

Whether you play at home in front of the PC or at a real table, some players claim that certain numbers fall especially often due to the nature of the table or the PC program. Therefore, it is supposedly possible to predict the course of the ball and thus greatly increase the chances of winning. However, since roulette is a pure game of chance, it is not at all possible to predict on which field the ball will fall and even the best computer programs do not succeed in doing so until today. Therefore, this strategy can be classified as a fake and you should keep your hands off it.

Mistake 4: Set based on the last numbers

A particularly common mistake in roulette, which is committed again and again even by experienced players and costs them a lot of money, is betting money based on the last fallen numbers. The thought process of most players is as follows:

“The ball has already fallen on red ten times. Now it should finally fall on black, so I’ll bet on black for the next game.”

However, people completely forget that the numbers or even the colour that came up in the previous rounds have no influence whatsoever on the result or the probability of the next games. The chances are absolutely the same in every round and therefore you should rather not orientate yourself on which colour or number has fallen particularly often.

Again and again, people even try to calculate which numbers occur particularly often at a table based on so-called permanence. These are lists on which the entire past game results of a table are located and which can be purchased in any casino or casino. However, these would only be able to provide a real statement if the same roulette wheel and also the same ball was always used. Even the air quality and the dealer’s throwing speed would have to be completely the same. But as we know, dealers change tables at regular intervals and the pots are also changed in casinos. Online, proprietary roulette software ensures that this factor can be completely excluded and only chance decides about loss or defeat.

So please don’t make this most common mistake of all roulette players and think about your strategy on which numbers and colours you want to bet.

Mistake 5: Playing at the wrong online casino

Playing at the wrong online casino

If you would like to play online roulette and are looking for a suitable online casino for the first time, you will quickly come across numerous tempting offers. Countless casinos promise a great newbie bonus and it seems like you can just win on these websites. The temptation is therefore great to quickly choose the best offer and start playing.

However, you should be aware of the fact that there are also numerous black sheep among online providers who will do everything they can to extract as much money as possible from your pocket and may even refuse to pay out your winnings or the capital you have invested.

“It is therefore important to rely on a reputable platform. But how can you recognize one?

First of all, make sure that the provider you have chosen has a valid gambling license and guarantees you several ways to deposit and withdraw money. In addition, you can test how quickly the customer service responds to your request and in which ways you can reach them. Of course, numerous reputable tests have closely examined online casinos and thus save you the work of looking for the right provider yourself. 

Avoid mistakes and play successfully

Avoid the mistakes mentioned here and improve your own game. All that is missing for a successful start are trustworthy online casinos that have roulette in their range. Use the following list to find the best providers:


Playing roulette can be a lot of fun and you can easily make a profit or two if you avoid the five most common mistakes. If you want to be successful at roulette, you should be very careful never to let your emotions guide you and to leave your mind in front of the roulette table. Furthermore, it is important not to get greedy and want to make too big profits, as well as blindly rely on any allegedly safe strategies from the Internet, which in the end turn out to be absolute fakes.

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