How To Bet Successfully In Football

How To Bet Successfully In Football

The best sports betting tips for experienced players. Tips for football betting: how to bet successfully! What tips for sports betting for beginners?

  Many sports betting fans wonder why their bets are lost and how to bet correctly. What seemed like the right decision on paper, turned out to be wrong in practice. At the same time, even in cases where players bet on a favourite against an underdog, mistakes can occur.

Users usually do not bet on luck alone. They look at a lot of information on the network to consolidate all the information they receive and make a bet based on it. Some websites are very helpful in this regard. This means that it is not enough to know a single sport well and keep track of all the news about your favourite team. An analysis of the sports betting market, a comparison of betting providers, as well as expert opinions, can provide users with the key to success.

The best sports betting tips for higher winnings

Many think that sports betting is purely a matter of luck and even compare this activity with gambling in online casinos. However, unlike slot machines, where the player never has the opportunity to influence the outcome, everything is different in sports betting. With certain knowledge, users can adjust the outcome of their gamble.

#1 Conduct a thorough analysis of the opposing teams in advance.

Proper preparation is good not only for footballers and hockey players. For those who want to bet successfully, a thorough analysis of all available information is recommended.

Many teams in the middle and lower third of the table are typical draw teams. This means that they play against the favourites with a draw in 73-75% of the cases.

#2 It is important to bet on the favourites only during the home game

Sounds a little strange, but it’s a fact. According to statistics collected over the years, favourites play to a draw away from home 74% of the time.

#3 It is not recommended to bet with odds under 1.20

Odds up to 1.20 often attract as a safe betting event. But this is a deception of those players who have little experience. One of the most popular soccer betting tips is: if the favourite plays away and has odds of 1.20, you can expect a draw. Thus, the bet is lost.

#4 If you want to bet on more than 4 games with high stakes, then you should only play system bets

#4 If you want to bet on more than 4 games with high stakes, then you should only play system bets

High stakes are played only in games where the opponents are very different in terms of sports. That is, we are talking about the game “David vs Goliath”.

But everyone knows that David can also win. Therefore, it is recommended to play system bets from a stake of 100 euros. Because here one or the other betting tip can be wrong, from which the conclusion suggests itself: Often there is a profit and very rarely everything is lost.

#5 Result bets only on favourites in home games

Betting on the result is interesting only when the favourite plays as a home team against an underdog. Since such matches are home wins in 74% of cases, it makes sense to bet on the most common results, such as 2:1, 1:0, and 2:0.

#6 Betting on a draw – only on a system ticket

As most experienced players know, predicting a draw is much riskier than predicting a win or a loss. If you want to get the most out of the draw odds – they are usually 3.00 and higher – you should play at least a 3 out of 6 system. In this case, you can even expect to win if you get 3 correct draws.

#7 When it comes to betting against underdogs, those who have player failures

This tip is based on the pre-analysis of the match. As mentioned before, pre-match information is very important when placing bets.

Thus, players who want to bet correctly will not miss a single important fact, for example:

  • when outsiders do not have their regular players
  • if the player has left the club for any reason
  • or outsider hopefuls are suspended for the upcoming match due to yellow or red cards

In these and similar cases, a bet with a tip on the favourite has already been won 92% of the time.

#8 Serious handling of money is the basis of success

The basis for correct betting tips is money management. From here we can extract 3 main rules:

  1. Never bet indiscriminately on sports
  2. No tips with excessive amounts of money
  3. The stake on all tips/sports bets should always be in a healthy proportion to the player’s total capital

Those who want to bet successfully are advised never to invest more than 5-7% of their investment capital in tips.

Top 5 Tips – Sports Betting for Beginners

Sports Betting for Beginners

The growing betting offer and the variety of bookmaker options overwhelm many sports fans who want to bet on a sports event for the first time. It often happens that beginners are unlucky and lose their bets again and again. However, this should not be de facto. Here are 5 tips for sports betting as a beginner:

# 9 Always consider losses

#10 Expert analysis and data search

# 11 Play with the best odds

# 12 Single bets with the best hit rate

# 13 Even favourites can be defeated in a match

The odds largely determine how much money users earn from a successful bet. So, it makes sense that you always bet on the best betting odds. Choosing the right provider can also play a crucial role in football betting tips.

Anyone can learn to bet correctly. Can you learn how to place bets correctly? The short answer is yes! However, it is worth remembering that nothing beats your own sports betting experience for successful betting. Therefore, our main recommendation: you should analyse not only games according to statistics but also your successes.

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